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About Camden

CAMDEN is a beautiful little town in Ohio along the Seven Mile Creek at the intersection of U.S. Route 127 and State Route 725. It is located in a valley which once was covered with a mighty forest that afforded protection and abundance of game to the tribes of Indians who roamed this area. The beauty of the region together with the rich productive soil attracted many settlers both from the South and from the East.
On this site in the spring of 1818 a village called DOVER, later named Camden was laid out, but the description of the plot of the town was not recorded until July 4, 1818.
In 1824, after establishing the first post office and learning that there was another town in Ohio by the name of Dover, the village changed the name to NEWCOMB in honor of George Newcomb of Montgomery County, who at that time was state senator from the district of which Preble County was a part.
The name of the village was changed again in 1835. This time the name Newcomb was changed to CAMDEN which was bestowed as a sort of memorial of Camden, South Carolina, where a Revolutionary War Battle was fought. The name Camden has remained the official appellation ever since.
Source: Camden Sesquicentennial Souvenir booklet available at the Camden Archives.