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The Village of Camden (the “Village”) in accordance with Ohio Revised Code Sections 9.33 through 9.334 is soliciting Statements of Qualifications for construction management-at-risk (“CMAR”) services in connection with the $144,303.00 renovation of the “Town Hall” located at 56 W. Central Ave. (the “Project”). The CMAR will be responsible for all pre-construction and construction related services including, without limitation, the means and methods of construction, safety, procurement of subcontracts through competitive pricing and compliance with all applicable laws in connection with the Project. This RFQ is step one of a two-step CMAR selection process as defined by Sections 9.33 through 9.334 of the Ohio Revised Code. Following the evaluation of each Statement of Qualification, the top three firms deemed most qualified will be asked to meet and present more detailed qualifications and pricing for this Project. Pricing shall not be submitted in the Statement of Qualifications in response to this RFQ. If prices are included, the Statement of Qualifications will be considered as “nonresponsive”.

For more information or to obtain a copy of the Request for Qualifications, contact Rebecca Wilson at the Village of Camden’s Administration Office, 56 North Main St. The Request for Qualifications may also be viewed at the Village of Camden’s website Answers to any questions regarding the Request for Qualifications shall be in writing and shall be sent to all firms on record with the Village as having requested and been furnished a copy of the Request for Qualifications. It is therefore imperative that firms provide full and accurate contact information to the Village.

Statements of Qualifications will be received by the Village of Camden, Nelson McKeever, Village Administrator, 56 North Main St., Camden, OH 45311 until 5:00 pm local time, December 9th, 2015.Statements of Qualifications received after this deadline will not be accepted or considered. Statements of Qualifications must be identified on the outside of the envelope by the following: “REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATIONS FOR CONSTRUCTION MANAGER-AT-RISK SERVICES.”

Rebecca Wilson,

Village Clerk