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Minutes – 9-6-18

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Mayor:  Lisa Moss
Fiscal Officer:  Rebecca Wilson
Village Administrator:  Rusty Wilson
Council:  Kelly Doran, Debbie Hickman, Ernest Crabtree, Toni Keesler, Judy Michael and Wendell Mackie
Guests:  Ed Steiner, Richard Thompson, Virginia and Charles Thackrey, Gary Rust, Jane Beach and Nancy Melton

The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance at 7:00 P.M.  Judy made a motion to approve the minutes of the August 16, 2018 meeting as written.  Toni second.  Roll call.  Kelly – yea, Debbie – yea, Ernest – yea, Toni – yea, Judy – yea and Wendell – yea.  Motion passed.

Public Participation:  Jane Beach an attorney addressed Council asking them to consider her for helping them with their property maintenance problems.  Her fees are $200.00 per hour and most of the problems should be fairly simple.  Kelly made a motion to hire her for the property maintenance issues on an as needed basis.  Wendell second.  Roll call.  Kelly – yea, Debbie – yea, Ernest – nay, Toni – yea, Judy –yea and Wendell – yea.  Motion passed.  Ed Steiner of 107 Donna Drive addressed Council mentioning a possible manhole being clogged, a light being out and asked about the children at play signs that Council approved at the last meeting.  Rusty said he didn’t know anything about it (on vacation last meeting) but will look at it.  Virginia Thackrey of 264 South Liberty St. addressed Council about barking dogs at 271 South Liberty St.  She mentioned all the neighbors have tried talking to our police department about it but nothing has been done.  She also stated the property owner also has shown a gun on two different occasions.  Kelly said he has been up there and seen the barking dogs but they don’t know any better, however the people do.  We do have an ordinance and we need to get the police department on it.  Kelly asked Virginia to send him the videos and he would give them to the Chief because in all fairness I think they have to see the barking dogs before doing something and I think they will give the owners a warning first.

Committee/Staff Reports:  Rusty reviewed his report with Council stating a water main was repaired at 258 South Liberty, gutters were installed at the roadside park and water park, floats were repaired at the sewer plant, pot holes were patched, prep work for the bicentennial, cement pad poured for Masonic monument and an estimate from Eagle Fence for the chain link and wood fence at $13,175.00.  Kelly asked if we got any insurance money for the accident that took out the fence and Becky stated she thinks the only amount paid was for the police department being there.  Kelly said we need to see about getting a claim in for that.  Ernest mentioned he would like to see the curbs painted on the South end of Liberty and Lafayette.  Kelly said the mowing looks great on 127 now that the Village is mowing it and the lot at the soccer fields looks better with the gravel and all being put in.  Rusty said he would like to get a few garbage cans up there for trash.

Old Business:  Debbie made a motion to approve the costs for the bell tower electronics, lights and setting the tower in place at a cost of $4,900.00.  Kelly second.  Roll call.  Kelly – yea, Debbie – yea, Ernest – yea, Toni – yea, Judy –yea and Wendell – yea.  Motion passed.   Kelly asked the Mayor if she had talked with the police department about the cars with flat tires and lights being out.  She said she talked with Officer Stemp about it.  Kelly said well nothing has been done and I’m not dogging them but being on patrol at night traditionally that was one of their jobs and it’s obvious to me that when there are half a dozen cars some with flat tires that haven’t moved in months that a police matter and their job.  If the Mayor as the chief law enforcement official would give them to do it than they should do it.  I’ve asked and I’m tired of asking, it’s a job even if it’s a menial part but it is and let’s clean it up.  Lisa said she would set up a meeting with Matt.  He told Virginia Thackrey that she needs to also file a written complaint so some action can be done.  He told Rusty that the entrance to the roadside park on the hill is eroding and Rusty said they are going to fill that in with rock they noticed that earlier this week.  Judy asked where we were at with the Clerk of Courts.  The Mayor stated that she did all interviews and she had chosen Brittney Hughes for the position and she starts Monday (as previously mentioned at $10.00 per hour).  Debbie said we aren’t going to vote or have any say on it.  Judy said we are supposed to vote on that for an employee and that should have been done before the person was offered the job.  The Mayor stated it was her understanding that she was to select the person for the position.  Judy said she thought Council made it very clear that they wanted to be involved in the interviews and the candidates and if you’ve already selected someone and told them to start I feel you’ve over stepped your bounds.  The Mayor stated there were Council members who had interest in the candidates and she feels she didn’t over step her bounds because that is her job because it’s a person who supposed to be working under her.  Kelly said as a courtesy he feels the Council should have gotten to interview and at least weigh in on the candidates and he appreciates her doing all the interviewing but it would have been nice for us to do the same because I think that is the way the wind was blowing.  Judy said she volunteered to be in on the interviews and never got a phone call and it seems like a candidate is being forced on them.  Ernest said it seems that way from the get go.  Kelly asked for free advice from the attorney does the Mayor hire?  Jane said let me look but I believe she has the power. Kelly said I don’t want to offend you Lisa because we have a good relationship but I do think generally when we’re picking a candidate for a position we all get together and we don’t even know who this person is.  Lisa said I didn’t know who she was either until I interviewed her.  The other two I interviewed I considered they would be bored after a few months.  Judy said I feel we got railroaded.  Lisa said I wasn’t trying to railroad anybody I was just trying to get something done because I felt like I was being railroaded and trying to have somebody pushed on me.  Wendell asked about the Miami Valley Lighting and changing the bulbs to LED.  Kelly said we will have to get back to that later.  The attorney said the Mayor has the authority to hire and fire and Kelly said now he is mad because that was wrong.  Lisa you knew that we wanted to be involved in the process and that was wrong how you did it.  No one on this Council goes behind the others back and does something and has a preordained idea of what they want and you and Becky have talked about this particular candidate from the beginning and I don’t like it.  Becky said I wasn’t here I was on vacation and Kelly said I don’t care because this discussion has come up before and I don’t appreciate being treated this way and we’ve done everything about board always here out in the open people come here we talk to them and we don’t even know this person and to tell you the truth my feelings are a little bit hurt.  Lisa said I am very truthful at all times and I will look you in the eye, I did not do any of this to be underhanded.  Me and Becky did not sit and have conversations about these people ok but you knew what the Council wanted and in the spirit of comradery I think that was violated and for what, what was gained maybe we would have come to the same decision.  I went ahead and did this because it’s been going on for weeks and everybody was are we going to do this are we going to do that so I went ahead and did it.  Wendell said I remember you said you and Becky went through the applications and 1 got weeded out and Becky said that was in the very beginning and you’re involving me in something I wasn’t involved in.  Lisa said I simply asked Becky if she knew who these people were because I didn’t know them.  Wendell said that’s all I remember other than the 3rd was weeded out because of a not so good background.  Becky said Matt and the Mayor and I went through the applications in the beginning and that’s all we were involved in.  Kelly said in all honestly I don’t know what you and Matt have to do with it.  Becky said you made that very clear and that meeting, however I do recall in the past that you specifically have asked Matt and I’s input because we are the ones who would be working closely with them and now for some reason on this particular job that all changed.  Debbie said Becky I asked you about a particular application and you told me specifically she wouldn’t get the job.  Becky said why would I say that when it’s not my decision to select the person.  Kelly said that’s part of the undercurrent here.  Kelly said this reminds me of the little squabbles we used to get into when I first came on Council because there were some little things but I just don’t feel it was worth it Lisa, I wish that we could have all had the chance and it would not have cost anything extra but we have a good Council, good people and things are moving in the right direction.  You’re the Mayor and you’re in the hot seat now and it kind of goes with the territory I guess but it wasn’t necessary.  Debbie said I don’t think it was underhanded but we did want to be a part of it.  Jane (attorney) said she has the power to do what she did but I think everyone had said they wanted to be a part and the next time do it together.  Kelly asked the Mayor if she has talked with Laurie to let her know we’ve hired someone and the Mayor said Laurie did know what was going on because her and the Mayor had talked.  The Mayor said she isn’t going to train the new girl since we did not stand behind her original offer.  Kelly said will you handle it a little different in the future if this ever comes up and the Mayor said most definitely.  Lesson learned.  Kelly mentioned that Wagers family would like to donate three (3) acres which is pie shaped and landlocked but they want to donate it to the Village and then the Village can sell it and have the money.  The adjoining property owners would be interested in purchasing it.  Kelly made a motion to accept the three (3) acres.  Toni second.  Roll call.  Kelly – yea, Debbie – yea, Ernest – yea, Toni – yea, Judy – yea and Wendell – yea.  Motion passed.  Kelly made a motion to approve talks in obtaining financing for phase II of the town hall project.  Wendell second.  Roll call.  Kelly – yea, Debbie – yea, Ernest – yea, Toni – yea, Judy – yea and Wendell – yea.  Motion passed.   Ernest said going back to the Clerk of Courts if you have already hired someone we need to do something about payroll.  Kelly said let’s look at what those dollars are.  The Mayor said the new Clerk of Court will start Monday 9/10/18 at $10.00 per hour.   Kelly said he would like Council approval to put the gazebo out for bid and made that motion.  Toni second.  Roll call.  Kelly – yea, Debbie – yea, Ernest – yea, Toni – yea, Judy – yea and Wendell – yea.  Motion passed.

New Business:  Kelly said the free papers are being thrown again.  Rusty said he would try to track them down.  Wendell asked if anyone was going to attend the ODOT meeting regarding upcoming projects.  Kelly mentioned the Commissioner’s meeting he attended and the talks on the leachate.

Wendell made a motion to approve the purchase orders.  Ernest second.  Roll call.  Kelly – yea, Debbie – yea, Ernest – yea, Toni – yea, Judy – yea and Wendell – yea.  Motion passed.  Judy made a motion to approve the bills.  Toni second.  Roll call.  Kelly – yea, Debbie – yea, Ernest – yea, Toni – yea, Judy – yea and Wendell – yea.  Motion passed.

Wendell made a motion to adjourn at 8:39 p.m.  Toni second.  Roll call.  Kelly – yea, Debbie – yea, Ernest – yea, Toni – yea, Judy – yea and Wendell – yea.  Motion passed.

Rebecca Wilson, Fiscal Officer

Lisa Moss, Mayor