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Minutes 8-2-18

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Mayor:  Lisa Moss
Fiscal Officer:  Rebecca Wilson
Village Administrator:  Rusty Wilson
Council:  Kelly Doran, Debbie Hickman, Ernest Crabtree, Toni Keesler, Judy Michael and Wendell Mackie
Guests:  David White, Gary Rusty, Melissa Shull, Dennis Davis, Jo Shiverdecker, Nancy Melton and Dan Michael

The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance at 7:00 P.M.  Ernest made a motion to approve the minutes of the July 19, 2018 meeting as written.  Toni second.  Roll call.  Debbie – yea, Ernest – yea, Toni – yea, Judy – yea and Wendell – yea.  Motion passed.  (Kelly arrived at 7:02 P.M.)

Public Participation:  Shannon Steele addressed Council regarding the Leadership Program that creates a network of people who in turn use in their own community the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities to improve the quality of life in Preble County.  The cost is $650.00 and applications are due by September 28, 2018.  Anyone from the community can get involved.   David White addressed Council and first offered his apology to Rusty Wilson for how he spoke to him at the last meeting.  He wanted to let Council know he is making progress on his property and thanked Kelly Doran for offering to help him.  Council reminded him that he has 60 days from the date of his letter but the Administrator will look at it once the time has come and see where his progress is.  David said there is one more matter when he left here last meeting he went up to the officer and started wagging his finger in his face saying “did you hear that I am allowed in my house” and he couldn’t help it he felt vindicated.  He said he ended up getting arrested after telling Council last meeting that he had been threatened by the Police.  Chief Spurlock told me that if I ever got within 2 feet of him again I had better be ready to roll.  I believe that was a threat and he told me to get the “f” out of his face.  So I went to leave and then I came back into the Council room and said that I was afraid of them and blurted out what I did and then Council dismissed me and then immediately as I stepped outside I was arrested for inciting a riot.  I was taken to the Preble County jail and booked and then my charges got changed from inciting a riot to disorderly conduct.  I went to a preliminary court hearing on Monday where I plead not guilty and set up a pretrial hearing which is going to take time and money away from me.  But we will take it to trial because I’m not guilty of anything because the police report was 50% correct and 50% blatant lie.  I would appreciate you all looking at the video and investigating.  Kelly said we are trying to lead by example by taking the Town Hall which was an eyesore and making things better.  Melissa Shull addressed Council and asked for the name of the Appeals Board for the Property Maintenance Code (Kelda Bittinger, Wendy Mann and Judy Michael).  She also asked if the Village gets any money for tearing down buildings.  Kelly said we put it on the taxes for reimbursement later.  She said it was in the paper about notifying David White that the Village intends to tear down his property and she would like to know when Council agreed or gave the ok for that to happen.  She also said she hopes Council does investigate what the police did to David.  The Village Administrator put that in the paper, which is part of his job which is also part of the property maintenance code.  Jo Shiverdecker asked if the notice was put in the paper who gave him the authority to do so.  Council replied that is his job as Village Administrator.  She asked other questions regarding the police department and how they are when approached by people.  David did ask the Mayor to review the video and compare discrepancies.  She replied that is between them and the Judge, I don’t review tapes.  Kelly said I think if you want that you should request it and ask for it.

Committee/Staff Reports:  Rusty reviewed his report with Council highlighting the building at 107 East Central has been boarded up and 99 Douglass has been sent a letter for tree removal.  The quotes received was around $3700.00 to take down and both are dead trees.  The owner won’t comply and states they aren’t his trees.  Council asked Rusty to send a certified letter letting him know that his taxes would be assessed if we take them down.  Wendell made a motion to have the trees removed and assess his taxes.  Kelly second contingent upon the certified letter going out.  Roll call.  Kelly – yea, Debbie – yea, Ernest – yea, Toni – yea, Judy – yea and Wendell – yea.  Motion passed.  Rusty said he did Tom’s review and would recommend a $1.00 raise (from $13.00 to $14.00 effective start of next pay period).  Kelly made a motion to allow the raise.  Ernest second.  Roll call.  Kelly – yea, Debbie – yea, Ernest – yea, Toni – yea, Judy – yea and Wendell – yea.  Motion passed.  Lafayette and Liberty has been marked for sidewalk replacement and the rest probably won’t be done until spring due to the time frame.  He has samples that Skinner dropped off to review for the Town Hall roof, Boone has completed cleaning well #1 and it is back on line, the North Park was prepared for the 127 yard sales, we trimmed and cleaned brush around the bridge and front of park fence (soccer field) and signatures are needed for the ODOT agreement once approved by Council.  Wendell asked Rusty to check signs around town as some are covered by tree limbs.  Kelly mentioned the mowing on 127 and said he did call the local garage for ODOT and they are behind because of rain and what not but he did inform Kelly that it is a courtesy that they mow this down here because it is the Village’s right of way.   Rusty said what if we did it ourselves we do have a bush hog but it will have to be looked over because it has been years since it’s been used.  Kelly said if we could at least from South Street to just beyond Garnett Rust’s old house just to keep it nice.  Kelly made a motion to accept the ODOT Agreement #32553 regarding the board fence.  Debbie second.  Roll call.  Kelly – yea, Debbie – yea, Ernest – yea, Toni – yea, Judy – yea and Wendell – yea.  Motion passed.

Old Business:  Judy made a motion to approve the 3rd and final reading of Ordinance #1023-2018 for Indigent Burials.  Ernest second.  Roll call.  Kelly – yea, Debbie – yea, Ernest – yea, Toni – yea, Judy – yea and Wendell – nay.  Motion passed.  Judy asked about the Clerk of Courts position.  The Mayor mentioned she would be doing interviews and a decision will be presented at the next meeting.  Wendell brought up ideas for the Shank property such as a movie area or amphitheater.  He also mentioned doing a splash pad or skate park at the water works park.  Melissa mentioned the water works park has a grade to it which would be a better place for an amphitheater.  Becky mentioned there are deed restrictions that we would also need to look at and follow.

New Business:  Kelly mentioned he would like to get the Town Hall roof as close as possible to the existing so he is having the architect reach out to contacts and see what is available.  He also talked about the gazebo and getting some quotes.  Kelly mentioned the audit and said it came back very good and there was no problems even though it cost more money and more time due to whatever someone was feeding into the State Auditors ears.   He met with Joanne from First Financial Bank and asked Council to get geared up for the phase II portion of the Town Hall.  Judy asked about the placement of the bell tower and Kelly said the crane operator was here this evening and said it will be put up on a Sunday before month end.  There are a few modifications that still need done but it’s really done.  Also an electrician will be here to button it up once it’s on the roof.   Becky mentioned she received a call today from the lady at 52 North Liberty where to damage was done to the water meter and she asked if the Village would consider a payment plan and I told her that I would approach Council.  Kelly said why isn’t the landlord paying for it it’s his renter and his property.  Rusty said the renter was charged criminally so he will probably have to pay it.  Ernest said they shouldn’t be living there if there is no water as that is violating our Property Maintenance Code.  Debbie said why should we carry someone who destroyed Village property for something that was beyond our control.  Council’s overall decision was not to allow a payment plan and before the water is back on everything has to be paid in full.   Wendell asked if the Village had ever thought about speed bumps to slow the traffic down coming off 127 onto Bloomfield and South Street.  Kelly said that might be a problem with drainage and also plowing in the winter.

Wendell made a motion to approve the purchase orders.  Toni second.  Roll call.  Kelly – yea, Debbie – yea, Ernest – yea, Toni – yea, Judy – yea and Wendell – yea.  Motion passed.  Toni made a motion to approve the bills.  Judy second.  Roll call.  Kelly – yea, Debbie – yea, Ernest – yea, Toni – yea, Judy – yea and Wendell – yea.  Motion passed.

Wendell made a motion to adjourn at 8:22 P.M.  Toni second.  Roll call.


Rebecca Wilson, Fiscal Officer

Lisa Moss, Mayor