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Bicentennial Photo Contest – Silent Auction

The Bicentennial Planning Committee recently sponsored a Bicentennial Photo Contest for area residents.  The winning photographs were enlarged, printed and matted by a professional photographer (Thank you Thomas Fraga Photography!) and sold via silent auction at Camden’s Bicentennial Celebration on Sept 1, 2018.

With the auction and generosity of our bidders, we raised  over $1000 for the Camden Archives!  Thank you to the photographers and all the bidders.

Here are all the winning photos that were auctioned off.


Gentleman Tilling Garden by Linda Bruns (8×10) Minimum bid $20

Busted by Shawna Clark (5×7) Minimum Bid $10

Suckers at the Bank by Katie Duskey (5×7) Minimum bid $15

Love the Ones You’re With by Jessica Lay (5×7) Minimum bid $10

Drs. Thomson by Linda Bruns (8×10) Minimum bid $10

Hanging out at the Park by Penny Morton (8×10) Minimum bid $20

An Evening Walk by Linda Duskey (5×7) Minimum bid $10

Home of the Free Because of the Brave by Shawna Clark (5×7) Minimum bid $10

Proud to Serve by Laura Brandon (8×10) Minimum bid $10



Old Barn by Linda Bruns (8×10) (MAY FAN FAVORITE) Minimum bid $25

Springtime in Camden by Laura Brandon   (8×10) Minimum bid $20

Rooster by Donna Cross (8×10) Minimum bid $15

Tractor by Donna Cross (8×10) Minimum Bid $10

Field of Dreams by Laura Brandon (8×10)Minimum Bid $20

Steel Bridge by Donna Cross (8×10)Minimum Bid $15

Country by Tiffany Lay (8×10) Minimum Bid $10

No Greater Love by Laura Brandon (8×10)Minimum Bid $20

Whiskey by Jon Roark (8×10)Minimum Bid $15

Camden at the Tracks by Jessica Lay (5×7) Minimum Bid $10

RR at Old 127 by Linda Bruns (8×10)Minimum Bid $10


Old Headstone & Flag on Memorial Day by Glen Mason (8×10)Minimum Bid $20

Memorial Day Ceremony Flags by Glen Mason (8×10)Minimum Bid $15

Memorial Day Parade by Donna Cross (8×10)Minimum Bid $10

Street Sign at Carnival by Tiffany Lay (JUNE FAN FAVORITE) (5×7) Minimum Bid $20

Kitty Safe and Sound by Laura Brandon (8×10)Minimum Bid $15

Christmas in February by Jessica Lay (5×7)Minimum Bid $7

Smoke and Fire by Laura Brandon (8×10)Minimum Bid $20

Full Moon A-Rising by Jessica Lay (5×7)Minimum Bid $15

Sunset on Preble County Fair by Jessica Lay (5×7)Minimum Bid $10

Barrel Racing by Kathy Renner (5×7) Minimum Bid $7


Bird by Donna Cross (8×10) Minimum Bid $20  

Mother and Son by Laura Brandon (8×10) Minimum Bid $15

Misty Tree by Donna Cross (8×10)Minimum Bid $10

Summer Night Lights by Laura Brandon (8×10)Minimum Bid $20

Sunset at College Corner and Camden Darrtown Rds by Linda Bruns (8×10)Minimum Bid $15

It’s the Little Things by Laura Brandon (8×10)Minimum Bid $10

Peek-A-Boo by Laura Brandon (JULY FAN FAVORITE) (8×10) Minimum Bid $25

Golden Bliss by Laura Dona (8×10)Minimum Bid $10

Barn, Farm and Sunset by Linda Bruns (8×10)Minimum Bid $15